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"how can i die without seeing every inch of this world?"

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What’s that saying, “no news is good news”? Yeah fucking yes

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Feel shit because I’m ill and shit because of results tomorrow and probably because I’ve been going nonstop the past week and I haven’t mentally prepared myself enough for the 75% probability that I won’t get into Leeds and just shit shit shit

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have the most massive bruise on my bum from falling over on the dance floor yesterday, it hurts to like sit down and i could even feel it when i went for a run earlier jesus! although apart from that bryn’s was INSANE holy shit, gabrielle aplin came from glastonbury to play for her and although the music wasn’t really suited she was ridiculously cute and her voice was gorgeous. and we all got given a glass of champagne as we went in and there was a doughnut machine and open bar and photobooth (pis and molly still need to send me the ones of us) and bubble machines and shit, and fancy toilets that had hand-dryers and lights in the mirrors and girls who were there to touch up your hair and make-up what the hell, and the whole thing was in the fanciest marquee you’d ever seen it was so posh and had sofas and a stage and was heated. ridiculous. sooooo cool though (even if the bus driver got lost on the way there and someone was sick on the way back ew. and molly and i went straight home bc we’re not 18 yet fucks sake)

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absolutely shitting myself for this exam

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There’s this shitty thing that happens when you learn about the reality of racism, sexism and misogyny. You start to hear it from the mouths of your parents, grandparents, friends and siblings and you can’t ignore it anymore but you’ll see how many of them will ignore you when you speak out about it.

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do you ever do that thing in class where you notice you’ve stopped paying attention so you try to focus but then you’re focused so hard on trying to focus that you’re still not paying attention to what they’re saying

Omg it’s in words

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I’m so bad the day before an exam, I don’t want to revise anything but English because that seems stupid and it’ll push all the quotes etc out of my head (why do I have such a short term memory) but even looking at English makes me nervous because I know it but not well enough??? So I end up not doing much at all which makes me feel guilty and doesn’t really help anything :(

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may the grade boundaries be ever in your favour

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So weird this years been so shit and I’ve been waiting for it to be over since September but now it’s my last day tomorrow and I’m fucking scared? And my lessons have been good (bc we’re not doing work ha) and there have been two fire alarms in the last two days lol and the weather has been gorgeous and it’s a bit weird and scary that it’s all coming to an end

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“We don’t eat calories. We eat food.”

my dietician (via recoverysoundsfun)

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